Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Vintage Minnie Mouse Collection by OPI

When I first saw the images for the O.P.I Minnie Mouse collection I almost died of cute a overload, the packaging and marketing behind the collection is beyond adorable.
If you are a massive Disney fan or have a Minnie obsession you are going to love the collection. But if you aren't a super-fan then you're not missing out on much in terms of colours if you pass on this collection. I was given the Mini-Minnie's as a gift from my bestest friend Josephine because we are both totally Minnie Mouse obsessed. 
*SIDE NOTE TO OPI* If you are going to put out a ridiculous amount of collections a year, please make them worth while in collecting with new and unique colours not just filler colours with cute packaging.

Here is my colour round up:

Nothin' Mouse 'Bout it : A slightly pink but almost clear polish with a pastel pink micro glitter and matte-pearl-pastel-pink heart glitters. This is the star polish of the collection, it is ok, very cute, but just ok. You can find these types of polishes with heart shaped glitter in china town or cheaper variety stores I'm pretty sure. Also Nothin' Mouse 'Bout it is not available in the mini set, so if you want to try it out you will need to purchase the full size.

I'm All Ears: Unexpectedly is my favourite of all the colours, a pink based jelly red with magenta coloured mirco-glitter jelly consistency. Opaque in 2 coats, a very pretty colour and looks lovely on they nail, very easy to apply and dried the fastest out of all the colours.

If You Moust You Moust: Not a fan of this colour, it applied with loads of streaking and needed 3 coats to become even on the nail. A heavy lilac infused bright pastel pink which on darker skin tones would look beautiful, but on me it looks too barbie-esque. My big problem with this colour is that there isn't anything original or special about it and I have about 10 that are very similar.

The Colour of Minnie: A true apple red with a fine silver micro-shimmer running through the polish, applied like a dream needing only one coat. This is a great polish. and reminds me why OPI are the leaders in the nail game, if only all OPI polishes applied like The Colour of Minnie. 

To round up, I am not totally blown away by this collection it was probably the weakest of the year not coming anywhere near the amazing Sky Fall collection which was released most recently. But if you are a die-hard Minnie fan like me you will love how this looks sitting on your dresser or in your bathroom cabinet.

I have had some questions about polish definitions from readers so here are some common terms de-coded for the not so polish obsessed:

Jelly Consistency : When the polish is tined and not opaque, usually you can tell this if you hold the bottle up to light and it will appear more translucent. 

Micro-Glitter: A very fine glitter suspended in the polish, usually in a jelly polishes.

Micro-Shimmer: Shimmer running through a polish very fine with no obvious glitter particles. Usually found in an opaque polish to create a sheen or pearl effect to the nail.

Duo-Chrome: A term given to glitter or shimmer that can cast two different colours i.e. blue in some lights and purple in other lights.


xxx Nella

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