Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Goldwell Kerasilk Keratin Care Review.....The Goldwell goose laid some very amazin' golden eggs with this new range

Goldwell Kerasilk Ultra Rich Keratin Care Oil $32.96 available exclusively in Goldwell Salons.

Goldwell's Kerasilk range was recommended to for me to try by my colourist a while ago and never got around to trying it, then I was kindly sent some PR samples to try out. Oh my goodness......pause for full on gasping praise..... I freakin' love this range so much. It is hard to single out a favourite product because they are all working wonders on my hair. So here are my thoughts on the range, prepare yourself for some very technical hair terms like 'this is the shiz'.....

Goldwell Kerasilk Ultra Rich Kertain Care Oil:
After I towel dry my hair after the shower it is in a state which is mortifying embarrassing a matted knotty mess of a mop. It is too painful and difficult to brush through without the aid of some sort of oil or detangler rubbed through my hair and finger combed out before attacking it with my Mason Pearson. 
2 pumps of Kerasilk oil and my brush glides through, it also gives my hair some weight and definition when it dries which for fine hair is just what it needs. I've also used it on my friend Alice's dry very curly coarse hair and it is wonderful for curl definition. There is also a Kerasilk Conditioning Spray which I am totally going to pick up to feed my new obsession.

Goldwell Rich Keratin Care Shampoo $29.95 & Rich Keratin Care Daily Mask $29.95 available exclusively in Goldwell Salons.

Goldwell Rich Keratin Care Shampoo & Daily Mask: 
Having a fringe and fine hair which gets oily quite quickly means I use a massive amount of dry shampoo to give body and dry up oil. So I need my shampoo to clean my hair and scalp getting rid of product build up without leaving it feeling steal wool. The Rich Keratin Care Shampoo does both of these things and then some, it feels like it cleans every strand without a foam party happening on my scalp, leaving eyes soap free. Last week whilst enjoying a hot shower the hot water ran out (insert emjoi face with smoke blowing out its nose) post shampoo - pre conditioning. It was too cold to condition so I just skipped it, fearful I would have to wear a hat to hide the state of my hair. But it was fine, the shampoo was conditioning enough it wasn't a total disaster and looked great. 
Now I'm not sure if you're meant to use the Rich Keratin Care Daily Mask as a conditioner but I have been, such a beauty rule breakin' rebel. Wowerz this stuff is the shiz! It leaves my hair feeling like silk without leaving any trace of product, it is totally weightless. If you are going to splurge on one item from the range then go for the Daily Mask it is a holy grail game changer for my hair care routine.

Now after testing this amazing range from Goldwell I am hoping my hair will be slightly resembling Blake Lively's lucious locks in like maybe a week or so, right? Oh my god....look at that hair! So not fair. 

xxx Nella

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  1. Never mind Blake's hair... that puppy!! Looks like he's been using his Kerasilk as well.

  2. you have written nice article about of Goldwell Goldwell Kerasilk Oil and shampoo, l liked your article, Fashion and Beauty Store

  3. I am really in love with goldwell kerasilk keratin treatments. I got this treatment done recently. So amazing, ladies! I have never seen my hair looking so....PERFECT!!! Bought it online: and asked my hairdresser to apply it. Saved tons of money. Will definitely do it again and recommend it to all of my friends.

  4. I just loved this keratin complex shampoo! I am glad that it met your expectations. Now I am thinking to try this out. You know my colorist has suggested using this shampoo. Thanks for these reviews!


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