Friday, 20 July 2012

Beauté Gazette's Nail Salon Hit List!

For some girls yoga and mediation is how they escape the madness of this crazy world, for me there is nothing more zen than a massage chair and a disco light foot spa. So what makes a good nail salon?
The salon of your choice needs to understand sometimes you just need a power Mani Pedi, a real quickie in and out. When you say 'just file and polish' they get it and you can be in the UV drying station within 15mins of walking in the door. But sometimes you have all the time in the world, you want to sit and soak your feet in that disco foot spa for at least 20mins before a cuticle clipper has even come close to your toes, and if you would prefer to sit in the massage chair and air dry your fresh nails whilst reading 3 issues of Famous Magazine - they should be cool with that too.
This is the way you can really determine the good salons from the bad. Top coats, they need to be thick, super shiny, dry fast and extend the life span of your Mani Pedi. Chipping within the first 2 days is intolerable.
This would matter to a rookie, but as an experienced Mani Pedi patron I prefer to bring my own colours. 
The last thing you want to watch whilst getting your nails did is anything current affairs related - no news or real world issues. There should be a good rom-com on or a live in concert dvd playing. My absolute favorite is The Beyonce Experience and a close second is Celine Dion Live in Las Vegas.
I like a cosy salon, anymore than 4 massage chairs and its not for me. The bigger the salon the less personal service, I like to ask the nail salon girls about stuff through my Mani Pedi and when it's a smaller space it feels ok to do that.


Avalon Beauty and Nails Avalon Pde 
Mani Pedi $42.00
This places is always empty which means you get the full service no skimping on the leg exfoliation or massage. They have the Celine Dion DVD on repeat and are always up for a good chat.

Manhattan Nails - 147 Sailors Bay Rd Northbridge
Mani Pedi $40.00
Tucked out of the way this is a nail salon gem, these girls know there stuff! Best buff and shape I have ever had, my nails are naturally quite short and weak and have been described as 'baby nail' by some nail girls. Leaving Manhattan my nails looked longer and the top coat was so thick it almost felt like I was wearing acrylics.

Professionail - North Sydney Greenwood Plaza North Sydney
Mani Pedi $42.00
Just a tip, do not attempt this place on a weekday after work its packed with all those MX reading North Sydney corporate babes. Professional is clean and they always have the newest glossy mags to read, no New Idea from October 2008.

Lily's Nails 450 - Cleveland St Surry Hills
Mani Pedi $45.00
Lily is a total babe, yells at you if you haven't been in to see her for a while and tusks at the state of your cuticles. I love that. If you are after a natural set of gel acrylics then go to Lily, she understands that stuff. 

Green Door - Nails and Waxing 4A-4B 75 Oxford St Bondi Junction
Mani Pedi $35.00
So I'm going to admit that I totally got suckered in by the price $35.00 are you serious!!!!!! Then I got to know the nail girls there and they played the Beyonce Live Experience for me every time I went in and even gave me mentos one time. If Elle Woods was a real person and lived in the Eastern Suburbs she would find her Paulette at Green Door. They also have the sturdiest disposable thongs ever.

Cleopatra Body and Nails - Galleries Victoria, George St Sydney
Mani Pedi $45.00
This is a total Kardashian style nail salon, its got chandeliers and black high gloss laminate everywhere. The best thing about Cleopatra's is it is open the latest out of all the city nail salons 9.30pm, if you go for after work drinks in the city and bump into your ex and need to find peace somewhere Cleopatra's will be open. Also they have all of Reese Witherspoon's back catalogue on DVD.

Adore Beauty - Sussex Center, Chinatown
Mani Pedi $55.00
The secrets out Lindsay at Adore is my nail art mentor, you can show her any design and she can copy it and make it better than the original. The Mani Pedi treatment here is really full on and intense, it involves some kind of foot masque and then your feet and legs get wrapped in glad wrap. If you don't have time for that than a $10 Mini Mani is great option shape, buff and polish for the girl on the go.

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  1. The salon of your choice needs to understand sometimes you just need a power Mani Pedi, a real quickie in and out.
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