Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Beauté Gazette loves Swisspers Large Make-up Pads!

Swisspers Large Make-up Pads $4.05 available from www.woolworth.com.au

The motto 'Go Big Or Go Home' applies to a lot of things in my life....but my latest big love has been the Swisspers Large Make-up Pads. Seriously why haven't these been available sooner? Or am I just really late to the band waggon on this one?
The large make-up pads make it so much easier to take make up off, rather than wasting precious youtube watching time loading up about 5 smaller pads with Bioderma trying to get my mascara off. So less time and less product, this is obviously a win-win on all fronts.
This is a short and sweet post because there is not much more I can say on the subject of cotton rounds expect do yourself a favour, treat you self and UP SIZE next time you are in the need for some make-up pads. That's all. 

xxx Nella

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  1. I hear you, I love these too. I say Go Big or Go Home all the time. Twinsies X

    1. Thanks Ingrid! Isn't it so amazing how the smallest changes in your routine can make one big stress-free difference, giving your more time for the important things in life.xx

  2. I love the way you shoot products - who knew a pretty pout could even make a make-up removal pad look cute...?

    1. Thanks Alice! Making the most mundane image into a cute collage is one of the best things about having a blog. Glad you like the collages, I use Photoshop and also sometimes photo editing apps on my iphone. xx


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