Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Amele Essential Intimate Wash Review. Is vagina soap really necessary?

Amele Essentials Intimate Wash Review $6.99 available from www.priceline.com.au

Admittedly I am a pretty product obsessed lady, living by the philosophy of 'More is More', knowing there is product out there for any need or want I may have. Browsing my local pharmacy the other day needing to pick up some tampons I stumbled upon the Amele range of feminine hygiene products. Immediately drawn to the sweet pretty nonchalant packaging because it didn't have the words or phrasing 'FEM', 'Clinical grade hygiene' and 'Vagina' blazed all over the packaging like most of the other brands of feminine products on the shelves. 

So do women really need a product to exclusively wash their vaginal region? 
It is definitely a personal preference, I feel that highly fragranced soaps are stripping and leave my... I am going to say it, don't freak out....VAGINA irritated after showering especially after doing any kind of sweaty exercise where I am wearing tight lycra leggings. Amele's intimate wash contains lactic acid which it claims to help your vagina keep a healthy natural pH balance of 3.4 -3.8 level. I am not sure about this, but I have found using it is far less irritating than soaps or regular body wash. Also after doing some research I noticed that Amele is owned by Ansell which is a company known for making very sexually intimate products so I am guessing they know a thing or too about vaginas.

Is this just another bloody product? Maybe, but I have noticed a difference in my comfort and isn't that what we are all looking for when browsing the isles of the local pharmacy. One thing I would change about the product is that is is in a flip cap tube and it would be far more easy to use in the shower if it was in a bottle with a push down pump dispenser.

xxx Nella

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  1. I have been using Clean & Dry Intimate Wash since more than three months now. and i like that product. it makes me feel confident.

  2. I think women need proper care of her vagina because it’s really sensitive part and I agree with that intimate wash is necessary for women.

  3. I think most of the women take lightly their intimate wash, but it’s an important things to live healthy life.

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  4. Agreed with you but not fully as there are many other companies claiming to offer best intimate wash products
    in the market nowadays. Everyone has different skin so its good to try them also.

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