Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Beauté Gazette's Blue Crush Eye Look!

Cara Delevingne on the latest cover of I.D is rocking some serious coloured liner in a fluro orange -  SHE LOOKS PHENOMENAL! Personally if I tried a fluro orange it would look very sickening and maybe even like I was suffering from a contagious eye infection. So to try this look out I went a bit on the safe side opting for a bright matte blue, depending on your skin tone pick a liner colour which makes your eyes pop and compliments your colouring.

Here are a few tricks to perfecting the coloured liner look:

1. Starting with a natural base is essential no heavy foundation, contouring or blush. Stick with a BB Cream or Tinted moisturiser, a little concealer and the lightest touch of blush just to the apples of your cheeks. Trust me if you go to heavy with this look it can turn drag very quickly, also keep clothing casual.

2. Tight line your upper water line (that's the little rim inside your eyelid under your top lashes) with a waterproof soft kohl liner. This will give your lashes a boarder so the coloured liner won't blend into your lashes and look messy. The technique of applying a liner to your tight line / upper lash line might feel weird if you aren't used to it, but it is easy to clean up any rubbing or smudging with a cotton bud. 

3. When using the coloured liner start in the middle of the eye looking straight ahead in a mirror (it is easier looking straight ahead rather than closing your eyes because you get to see if you have made any mistakes quickly and it is easier to get both eyes even) working the pencil into the inner corner of the eye and then going back over to the outer corner evening and thickening your line as you go. Be sure to use a waterproof coloured liner - smudging through the day or night will totally ruin your look.

Bright coloured liners are such a fun summertime look, let me know what your favourite liner colours and brands are in the comments!

xxx Nella

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