Monday, 19 November 2012

La Mav Bloggers Brunch and GIVEAWAY!

 I was late to the La Mav Organic Organic Skin Science bloggers brunch last Thursday, which meant I missed the main presentation by La Mav's founder Tarj Mavi but she kindly gave me a one-on-one initiation to the brand at the end of the brunch. Freaking out I was late also made me only have a few bites of the delicious pancakes at the Wharf Resturant - which was maybe a good thing for my every growing hips and bum.
La Mav was started by Tarj (a veterinarian pharmacologist) when she was suffering from server pigmentation on her face after pregnancy. Not satisfied with the harsh topical ointments that doctors and dermatologists were prescribing for her skin she decided to try a natural organic route developing La Mav along the way. Having the founder of a brand talk you through their products using there own personal experience as guidance was terrific - Tarj was a wealth of knowledge on natural ingredients and all things skin.
For the past week I have been trying out the Skin-Brightening Christmas pack, using the Rumex Advanced Lightening Day Créme under my makeup, the Vit-C Advanced Nightly Repair Nectar - a beautiful oil which hydrates and softens skin overnight and the Anti-dark Circle Ultra-Firm Eye Gel - which is a lifesaver for dark circle applying morning and night. When I am given products to try out I do feel kind of guilty because it feels a little like cheating when reviewing - BUT I LOVE THESE PRODUCTS. The whitening and lightening did sound daunting and weird at first because I am so pale but it has really helped even out my skin tone with sun spots and redness which I just had accepted as normal.
OK here is the exciting part!
La Mav have kindly given me a beautiful Ultra Hydration pack valued at $170.00 to giveaway to one lucky reader of Beauté Gazette, the pack contains:

Hyaluronan Daily Moisture Créme 50ml
Intense Moisture Nightly Repair Nectar 30ml
Bio-A7 Firming Eye Lotion 15ml

All you have to do to win this gorgeous La Mav certified organic pack is:

1. 'LIKE' La Mav on Facebook HERE

2. 'LIKE' Beaute Gazette on Facebook HERE

3. Email Beauté Gazette with your details:

I will ship to anywhere in the world - so if you are in a very cold far away country and would like a chance to try some beautiful Australian skin care products now is your chance.


xxx  Nella

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