Tuesday, 10 June 2014

It's all about eyes .... OBAGI ELASTIderm Eye Serum and Treatment Cream

OBAGI Medical ELASTIderm Eye Serum $99.00 and Eye Treatment Cream $99.00 available from 

Eye creams, serums and gels dominate a large area of the skin care market with advertising being blasted at you every time you open a magazine or read your favourite websites but do you really need to use one? YES YOU DO!
Here is a very simple explanation on why, you have oil glands all over your face and body which keep your skin naturally hydrated, oil glands plump the skin so that fine lines are not as visible. There are a few places where you do not have natural oil glands one being your eye area, there are also far few layers of skin in your eye area. This is the reason fine lines appear first around your eyes, because the skin is thinner and not as hydrated naturally. The best defence for keeping lines from appearing is to keep the area hydrated and plumped with as much moisture as possible, by using super hydrating eye creams and serums. 
Two of my favourite line-fighting eye products are from a comeceutical brand Obagi which I first heard about on Wayne Goss's amazingly informative YouTube channel. The eye treatment cream I apply in the mornings after cleansing - before my daily moisturiser and at night before applying night cream, it is extremely light weight on the skin and is undetectable when applying makeup over the top. The Obagi Eye Serum is extremely cooling and I love applying it to tired eyes in the morning, it really brightens and tightens the under eye area. 
I have been using both of these products combined for a month and have found that they give great moisture and hydration to the eye area and the best thing is they do not peel when makeup is applied over the top of them. If you like many have skipped an eye cream in your daily moisturising routine now is the time to change and you will definitely notice a difference at any age.
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  1. Great Post! Seriously i was worried about how to reduce darkness of my under eye area. Thank you Nella for sharing this obagi eye cream and serum product with us. Sure I will try to use this cream to eradicates darkness from my eye.


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