Thursday, 5 June 2014

Benefit's NEW They're Real Push-up Liner Review

They're Real Liner $35.00, Mascara $38.00 and Remover $25.00 all available from Benefit Counters Australia Wide and from 20th June.

Benefit is about to change the eye liner game with the release of their new They're Real Push Up Liner, it is the perfect partner in crime to pair with the They're Real Mascara : a winged eye a killer combo!
The liner is the first of its kind, a gel liner in a push up pen form with a rubberised flexible angled tip called 'accuflex' it really does allow you to get closer to the lash line and pushes lashes out of the way when lining the eye.
The real test of a liner is wear time, I suffer from oily-lids and a liner will never stay put for longer than an hour. Below is my trial diary of the They're Real Liner on my first day of wear, get ready my life is super exciting.....I wish more like more boring than normcore!

Applying the liner is a bit tricky on the first eye, it sets VERY QUICKLY you have to work fast. I do one quick line across my lash line which is easy with the width of the tip, then I start the flick separately.
Once the liner has set you cannot go over its again otherwise it pulls and peels slightly. So quick and precise is the way to go. I neaten up the flicks by putting a tiny amount of the They're Real Remover on a cotton tip and taking any smudges away.

Barista at my local coffee shop says 'You look foxy today' I bat my eyes and he gives me a wink! It must be my very saucy winged liner, right?! Then I think this must be how Alexa Chung feels everyday..

10.45am - MIRROR CHECK
Usually by this time I have some transfer onto my brow bones from liner, I am shocked that the liner is staying put. My oily eyelids have met their match finally.

2.00pm - TIRED EYES
Shit I accidental rubbed my eyes, tired from staring at my laptop for hours on end. *runs to bathroom mirror* my liner is perfect! Not smudged one bit.

Looking oh so Bardot teaming my winged liner with a stripy tee and leather biker jacket.

I am a Nina Proudman super fan and once again I am left clutching my teacup, tears rolling down my cheeks with the Patrick visions. I pop to the bathroom to get some tissues, my liner is fine! It has started to wear slightly in shape and if I was going out I would touch it up but it is has survived an episode of Offspring! THIS LINER IS AMAZING!

Throughout the day I have been slightly scared about removing the liner because of its endurance. I follow the directions and use a pea size amount of the They're Real Remover on my fingers as I very gently massage it into my lash line, I can feel the liner peeling away. I rinse with warm water....OHMYGOD panda eyes!!! I used a bit more of the Remover on cotton rounds and work it off, it takes a little while but it does come off. A normal gel cleanser would not get this baby off at all.
They're Real Liner $35.00, Mascara $38.00 and Remover $25.00 all available from Benefit Counters Australia Wide and from 20th June.

Props to Benefit for creating such an amazing innovative product, it is a must have for all eyeliner addicts. It did take a few attempts to get used to but it was easy once I got it the feel for the product, I am still amazed by the wear time and am definitely putting it on my products that can go the distance at events like weddings or birthdays. Check it out at a counter and ask one of the lovely Bene-babes to show you how the new liner works, it is an incredible product. 

xxx Nella

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  1. Ahh I'm so torn about getting this, it seems like from the reviews I've read so far, it takes a bit of getting used to at first! I also have oily eyelids so good to hear it can withstand the day (and Offspring-induced tears :)


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