Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Beauté Gazette's TOP 3 Makeup items - Like ever!

I decided to do this post when attempting to pack a rather small purse for a night out dancing rationing out my makeup from most important to least and then packing it like it was a game of tetris.
What if I was stranded on a deserted island and could only have 3 makeup items? Maybe not a desert island but what if you were stranded lets say at a cute boys house that you accidentally on purpose went home with and you only have the bare necessities to get by? What would they be?

This is the best brow powder I have found even though it isn't a brow powder it's an eye shadow. A universal matte light fawn colour perfect for shaping up a non-existent blonde brow like mine. I would need an angled brush to apply it, but I guess if I was in survival mode I could possibly fashion a make shift brush with a cotton bud if I was 100% desperate.

A  double whammy! Poppy is sheer enough to blend out over cheeks for a flush of colour also leaving them dewy without being sticky or overly shiny.  When applied to lips it gives sheer to medium colour payoff but it definitely could be built up enough to be quite sassy and bold. Being a fair maiden wearing blush gives my face warmth so it doesn't look so flat and washed out, also having flushed cheeks so so cute and feminine, I don't think I could go without.  

Rarely do I leave the house without wearing mascara. After a restless night and rushing to leave the house one morning I forgot to apply my mascara security blanket, when my boss arrived to the office she gasped and asked if I was feeling unwell and needed to go home. That was all the confirmation I needed. Finding the perfect mascara is my life long mission and I take it very seriously, at the moment I have swayed back to using Lancome Hypnose. It is a very hefty mascara, deep black is a jet black which dries to matte on your lashes. This is not a subtle mascara , it coats every single lash with lots of product. I LOVE IT!

So I skipped a base and any foundations, my skin is generally pretty good apart from a couple of monster zits every once in a while. And just lets say if I were on a deserted island I am sure I would be there with one of my friends and I am sure they would lend me a little tinted moisturizer. I am by no means going to start simplifying my beauty routine, putting on makeup in the morning my most exciting time of the day but its good to know that I could make do if I ever had to god forbid!



  1. Hey Nella! I loooooove beaute gazzette. Its the best and so are you. lots of kisses. Sheena xx

    1. Hi Sheena! Thanks so much! I LOVE YOU TOO! XXXX

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