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Going to skin school for Dermalogica's new #facemapnation campaign.

Dermalogica #facemapnation

#Facemapnation is Dermalogica's new Australia wide campaign to educate the nation about our skin's health. Using a combination of ancient Chinese diagnosis and modern skin therapies, Dermalogica will map your face and analyse your skin under bright lights and a very scientific looking set of magnifying glasses to find out which area's are causing concern. After you skin has been assessed you will be taught how to use their products combined with a healthy lifestyle to boost your skins health. 
To learn more about the campaign Dermalogica sent me back to skin school, scrap what I thought I knew about my skin and start fresh. Skin school is a lot relaxing than normal school because you get to have facial, yep way better than a boring uni lecture! My skin lesson was with the super beautiful and knowledgeable Skye from Dermalogica, who was an amazing teacher answering all my big and little questions. All Dermalogica therapists have been trained to know about any skin woe you might have, you will definitely be in safe and knowledgeable hands at whichever spa or counter you visit to get face mapped. Here are a few of my favourite things I learnt during my time at skin school:

- Even though my skin is quite oily it is dehydrated, especially across my forehead which I need to keep hydrated at all times to prevent premature lines forming.
- Being shown how to use the products is so beneficial, far better than buying a product online and then just rubbing it in any which way.
-To make your gel cleanser work most effectively work add water to it so it becomes bubbly and this lifts any dirt or make up off your skin rather than working a straight gel into your skin which clogs pores.
-Include your ears and neck when you cleanse and moisturise! The poor ears and neck get left out of your skin care regime but they need some lovin' too.
-Facial massage will tighten your facial muscles and I would much prefer a massage to a face lift. -Using a combination of light and oxygen therapies on my skin brightened my complexion of any old blemish scaring and dark spots.
-Being taught how to use products is what you miss out on when buying products online, and I really have noticed a difference to my skin since I have implimented all of the tips I was given.
-Dermalogica facials are amazing! Totally worth the splurge, my skin was glowing for weeks after.

These are the products which Skye recommended for me to start incorporating into skin care routine and my skin has been loving them:

This cleanser is life changing, for reals! Combining the Special Cleansing Gel with the new and improved the way I wash my face, I'm pretty much ruling at the cleansing game!

Wowzers! I would never have picked this product for my skin, but I absolutely love it. The physical  exfoliation of rubbing the beads on your face whilst the warming sensation of the chemical exfoliant gets rid of any dead skin. My skin feels polished smooth after using this product.

I have tried this masque and loved it in the past but had forgotten how amazing it was also I was only previously applying it once in a while or whilst on long haul flights. As advised by my amazing Dermalogica Therapist Skye, I have been applying it 2-3 times a week for 1hour at a time after cleansing it has zapped moisture into my skin.

I'm officially converted to hydrating facial mists after staring at Skye's beautifully hydrated glowing skin during my facial at Dermalogica, I asked her what was her favourite product was and she said it was the Ultracalming Mist which she sprays on her face throughout the day and after cleansing, then again post moisturising to lock in the moisture.

How do you get YOUR face mapped by Dermalogica?
Either book into your local Dermalogica Spa or Counter for a one on one consultation with an amazing therapist who will advise you on personalised treatments and products for your skins need. Speed Mapping is also available online HERE! by answering a few questions about your skin, your answers are analysed and products are recommended to treat all your skin concerns.

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** I was kindly gifted these products for blog consideration. This did not, in any way, influence my opinion on the product. Please refer to my policy and disclaimer for more information.

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