Monday, 2 September 2013

This Works. Perfect Cleavage Review

This Works Perfect Cleavage For Neck and Chest $64.75 available from

Perfect Cleavage.....Really?!? Yes really. One of my completely superficial insecurities about ageing is my chest becoming wrinkly, sagging and awful sun spots coming up. Over summer there is always one day where you forget to apply sunscreen on your chest and being in Australia sunburn is a terribly painful and damaging experience that causes premature wrinkles and pigmentation. Perfect Cleavage contains Larch Extract, Vitamin Rich Algee, Tonka Bean and Frankincense which naturally plumps the skin and reduces the 'apparence' (the lines are still there, but the appearance of them is less) of fine lines.
I have been applying this morning and night to my chest, boobies and neck and I can honestly say this is an area of my body which I have neglected from moisturising for years and since starting to use Perfect Cleavage I have seen dramatic difference in the hydration of the area.
I feel my ageing insecurity is completely warranted living in a country where the sun is so damaging and harsh and although I was gifted this cream I would definitely spend the $64.75 on it again. The best defence against sun damage will always be sunscreen and staying out of the sun.

The best boobs in a film goes to Amanda Seyfried in Mean Girls predicting the weather with her chest bombs.

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