Tuesday, 3 September 2013

ARDELL 'Glamour' Lashes Starter Kit

Ardell Lashes Starter kits $14.95 available from www.priceline.com.au
Glamour Lashes on Lisa Marie Presely as Marilyn Monroe from Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin

False lashes are one of the most intimidating makeup application processes for me, everything from the glue to getting them to sit on your eyelids in a natural yet totally unnatural way. Ardell sent me a whole heap of lashes to play with (Thanks Georgie xx) last week and I thought this is a sign that I need to try them out and face my fear. 
I decided I was going to wear my new Ardell 120 Demi lashes to the launch of the One Direction fragrance which was quite a fancy party. Since I have never worn or applied strip lashes before I allowed an extra 30mins when applying my makeup for the event assuming I will need a few attempts till they looked right. I use tweezers to apply and the glue in the pack was fantastic, it is easier to make the lashes hold when leaving the glue a minute to get tacky then place on lash line and push the falsies into your natural lashes with the tweezers. To conceal any small gaps or glue I used a Matte pencil liner Make Up Stores Darkest Shadow Soft Matt $34.00 which is soft enough to not disturb the lashes. As for removal, I uses an oil cleanser gently rubbing my lashes and they came off quickly and without a fuss.
My favourite thing about falsies is the shadow they create, it's instant drama and sex-eyes, they also give the illusion of a cat liner flick.

Here is a photo from my instagram of moi wearing my new favourite Ardell lashes you can definitely notice a how dramatic they are. (Excuse my under eye bags....)
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