Thursday, 29 August 2013

'Our Moment' a fragrance by One are my thoughts about it.

'Our Moment' EDP 30ml $49.00 50ml $59.00 100ml $79.00 available from Myer from 26th August.

Ok ok settle down, put your undies back on One Direction have released a perfume....It was inevitable right?!
The campaign is an adorable black and white spoof of traditional fragrances and the bottle is so hideously cute it hurts. But I know you're all like 'Nella what does its smell like?' Here are the notes that the fragrance people told me are in 'Our Moment':

Top: Pink Grapefruit, Wild Berries & Red Currants
Mid: Jasmine Petals, Fresh Freesia & Frangipani
Dry: Creamy Musk, Sheer Woods & White Patchouli

So basically everything teenage girls love, if I was a 13 year old girl I would be spraying it on every 10 minutes and I would have thought it ruled my 13 year old girl world so hard. 'Our Moment' smells like teenage girls should without that sickly cheap lollie smell that some celebrity fragrances have. It is quite intensely fake floral but settles to a softer vanilla musk when it dries on the skin.

Would I wear 'Our Moment'......YES! Not everyday but during summer to the beach on a casual day it would be perfect nothing too intense. I am obsessed with the bottle though, pink tulle and a crown, its so cute, I hate it, I love it.

If you are a mother of a teenage girl who is begging for this perfume and you are scared your house is going to end up smelling so sickly sweet it gives everyone a headache, then fear not 'Our Moment' is subtle enough to not turn the whole house into smelling like a bath bomb.

If you love Diptyque Duelle, then you are not going to be into 'Our Moment' but if you like Marc Jacobs Daisy or Ellie Saab then I think you might have found your new favourite fragrance.

Bored of my review? Sorry here is a GIF of Harry and Zayn almost making out:

So anyway I was invited to the launch of 'Our Moment' and Michaela and I were VERY excited to pose with the life size 1D cut outs after 2 or 5 glasses of champagne....

Thank you to Sarah and Platnium MC Pr for inviting me to the launch.

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