Tuesday, 24 September 2013

PEDESTRIAN BLOGSTER AWARDS! Beauté Gazette is an Instagram Finalist

If you didn't know already, I am a finalist in the PEDESTRIAN BLOGSTER AWARDS! In the 'INSTAGRAM' category, which is so exciting because I am totally obsessed with instagram.

Why am I kissin' a fish tank in the photo above? Well I am quite obviously re-enacting the famous Romeo and Juliet fish tank scene! Duh! Pedestrian gave the finalists the challenge to photograph a scene from our favourite movie..... Here is what I wrote about my love for Romeo and Juliet:
'I remember seeing Romeo + Juliet when I was 14 at the movies and I didn't understand a single thing they were yabbering about during the movie. 'Shakespear...boring!'  But what I did understand was that Leonardo Di Caprio is a total floppy haired hunk and from that day 'til now I have always wanted my own fish tank love scene. It is still the coolest movie I have ever seen and I can watch it on repeat at anytime day or night. 'Love me, Love me, say that you love me! Fool me, Fool me, go on and fool me!' 

Today is the last day to vote, so please click HERE! and vote for me, all you have to do it click the 'LIKE' button. Thank you if you already have voted and thank you if you are going do it right now.

xxx Nella

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