Monday, 23 September 2013

MANICURE MONDAY! Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat in Tweedy

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat in Tweedy $9.95 available from

Sick of glitter nails? And plain jane flat colour doesn't make you giddy with excitement either? Well Sally Hansen has upped the ante with their new Fuzzy Coat Collection. Coloured streamers suspended in a glossy clear polish, Tweedy jumped out at me because I have been having a monochrome moment this week, the black and white streamers look like TV static fuzz on your nails which sounds weird but it is totally the coolest thing ever.
I applied two coats, leaving the first to completely dry before applying the second so not to make it too clumpy. The polish applies quite thinly compare to a glitter polish because the streamers are so small and light. I did find the finish had a bit too much texture so I applied a thick glossy topcoat after the Fuzzy Coat was completely dried.
Fuzzy Coats from left to right : All Yarned Up, Peach Fuzz, Tight Knit, Fuzz-Sea, Fuzzy Fantasy, 
Wool Knot, Wool light and Tweedy.

I like the Fuzzy Coats, applied on their own onto bare nails but you could layer them onto a bright base for a more poppy effect.

Hope you are all enjoying Manicure Monday being back in full effect.....Sorry for the lack of other posts I have been busy over on Oyster doing Beauty Round Ups for the European Fashion weeks, check them out HERE!

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