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GOT MILK? Milk's new skin care for her and an Interview with Lindy Klim

Milk for her products from left to right: Beauty Wipes $9.95, Body Oil $12.95, Ultra Light Moisturiser $19.95, Face Cleanser $16.95, Rejuvenating Masque $19.95 and Body Scrub $14.95 for more information visit

Got Milk? Milk is a natural line of skin care created by the stunning Lindy and Michael Klim who is most well known for his work in the pool. If you have been reading Beauté Gazette for a while you would know that I am huge fan of Milk's Dry Touch Sunscreen (read here!) which is a summer beach bag staple for me. Since Milk's launch it has expanded from just Men's skin care and sunscreen to natural products for babies and children and now Milk for Her! I was so excited to have the opportunity to interview Lindy about Milk, she was incredibly graceful and talked me through the new line:

Beauté Gazette: I first fell in love with Milk's Dry Touch Sun Screen, it has an incredibly different texture, smell and absorbency to traditional sunscreens, what was your original idea when creating it?
Lindy: It was a new formulation from the company that develops our products that they were working with and it had never been used before. They asked me to come in and see if I liked it. Myself having a darker complexion regular sunscreens always gave a white cast to my skin because of the zinc. So with the dry touch formulation I fell in love with it straight away, it sinks into the skin so quickly without any work and is hardly noticeable. And then we added the Tea Tree which is  fantastic ingredient for Summer to keep away bugs.'

BG: I love Milk's packaging, it's so refreshing to see a brand on the larger market scale which isn't gaudy and highly branded, something which will look great in bathrooms for men and women....
Lindy: That's something that when we were designing the men's range we wanted, the original design was shaped to look like a whiskey bottle. I like beautiful things and at the time of developing it I didn't see why men couldn't use products that looked good in the bathroom as well as work on their skin, we wanted to keep the products natural and the design simple. 

BG: The whole range of Milk for her products are made up of 95% naturally derived ingredients, how important is that for you?
Lindy: It's really important for me, there are so many chemicals out there in the world, if you are using a natural product its going be in no way harmful to your skin for the majority of people. For me its not about how many products you use because the market is saturated. Its about bringing it back to basics, I use the Milk for Her Face Cleanser and Ultra Light Moisturiser during the day and mostly at night I use rose hip oil.

BG: Were you a skin care and beauty junkie before you designed the range, because it would be and beauty junkies idea of heaven to design their own range.....
Lindy: Yes, I was a big beauty junkie.... I still am. I love Mecca and buy so many products which just sit in my cupboard because I just love looking at them. And my daughter loves it too, we play makeup together all the time. Over time trying so many products with different ingredients and with seeing not much of a result or change in my skin- there were no miracles happening. That's when I thought I am going to try this myself and bring it back to basics when creating the line. Working with chemists to design the line I realised what was going to work in the products and what wasn't. It was so important for me that the products were available for the everyday time poor woman who doesn't have time to shop for skin care in department stores. It is available for her to pick up at her local Woolworths or Terry White chemist when she is doing her weekly shop and the price needed to be accessible for her too, she didn't need to feel guilty she was spending too much money on her skin.

BG: Coming into Summer what are your beauty tips and must have items?
Lindy: I live in Bali full-time but am constantly travelling back to Melbourne for the business so transitioning between hot and cold climates is a nightmare for my skin and there has been a water change in Bali at the moment which my skin has hated. But I would say the best thing to do for your skin would be to stay hydrated all the time. Especially with summer coming up, using the Milk Body Scrub with the Coconut and Rose hip oils which will exfoliate and hydrate your skin at the same time and then topping up with the body oil out of the shower. The Ultra Light Moisturiser is an amazing for your face, it sinks right in and you can feel it hydrating right away.

With the very beautiful and tall Lindy Klim at the Milk for Her press showings.

p.s I would just like to Thank Lindy for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to do this interview, it was amazing to meet you!

xxx Nella

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