Monday, 17 June 2013

Deborah Lippmann's 'Across The Universe' VERSUS Sally Hansen's 'Mermaids Tale'

The word 'dupe' is used quite a lot within the online beauty world and I don't really believe in dupes. If you want to buy a Chanel lipstick then there are many more reasons you are buying it rather than just for the colour i.e packaging, branding, prestige etc. So in this case if you want to splash out and order a Deborah Lippmann nail polish from the states and that's what your into then its totally cool but if you are more likely to pop into Priceline and pick up a bottle of Sally Hansen's 'Mermaids tale' then that's cool too. Both polishes give a very similar finish to your nails, but are quite different in application.
So I am just going to give you the facts:

Deborah Lippmann 'Across The Universe'
Availability: Only online for Australian consumers at
Price: $19.85each
Application and lasting time: The appearance of the polish in the bottle is deceiving, the glitter is suspended in a sheer jelly base. It takes about 3 and a half coats to become completely opaque on the nail making dry time a real pain, time to put on Benjamin Button or some other really long movie and not touch anything for about 2 and a half hours. Only apply a topcoat to your nails once the polish is dry, otherwise you will move the glitter pieces around and it will look a bit of a mess. Lasting time was ok, but because of how thickly you need to apply the polish it does chip in a 3 to 4 days. I like applying this polish over a navy blue base colour to avoid having to apply so many coats.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in 'Mermaids Tale' 
Availability: From Priceline stores and
Price: $14.95each
Application and lasting time: Applying this polish is a dream, the Salon Manicure range has very wide brush which fits neatly into your nail bed and requires less stroke to cover your entire nail. It takes 2 coats to achieve an opaque finish on the nail with the glitter applying evenly and not clumping. It definitely needs a topcoat to give the surface an even and glossy look. 'Mermaids Tale' lasted 5 days with minimal chipping which is quite good considering the amount of washing up and champagne drinking I did on the week of wearing the polish.

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