Thursday, 20 June 2013

TONI & GUY : Hair Wardrobe Review : Style Spray Wax, Dry Shampoo & Sculpting Powder

When I was about 15 I remember saving up to get my hair cut at a Toni & Guy salon in the city, it was $80.00 for a 'Top Stylist' and I wanted some very 90's layers....That hair cut was the talk of school assembly for the next month and at least 6 more girls went and got the exact same haircut from the same 'Top Stylist' because it was so good.
Cut to now, a little over 10 years later and I have started using 3 products from the Toni & Guy Hair Wardrobe collection in my day to day hair routine - the products are great and give me that little buzzy feeling I had when I was 15 stepping out of the salon with my sassy layers.
Style Spray Wax
The Style Spray Wax was a little intimidating, wax is intimidating as a product in general it reminds me of a product Justin Timberlake would have used to tame his curls during the N'Sync era. My hair is fine and there is lots of it, also it is due for a cut which means it can get very fluffy and just does not want to behave at the best of times, also winter static drives me crazy!! So I spritz a few squirts of the Style wax in my hands, rub my hands together to get an even coating of product and then work it through dry fluffy hair from the tips to the roots. The result is a totally casual non fluffy hair giving it a piecey effect, if you have heat styled your hair with a wave this is also a great substitute to a hairspray because it will hold the wave without making it look too stiff and static.
Dry Shampoo
I cannot live without Dry Shampoo, it is an addiction and I am a happily dependent addict! Toni & Guy make an excellent Dry Shampoo, there are 2 reasons I love it and will re-purchase it. Firstly, the powder that it disperses is super fine and if you don't have a brush handy it is easy enough blend into your hair with your fingers. Secondly, the smell. It is super fresh smelling, there is not trace of ditzy coconut or overly floral scents which give me a headache just a fresh non irritating smell.
Sculpting Powder
If you have dreamt of voluminous textured hair? Well here is my secret weapon the Toni & Guy Sculpting Powder. Applying it to straightened hair gives it a little more texture and weight. My favourite way to apply it is when putting my hair up in a bun or ponytail, dusting it through my roots gives my hair body and a slight 60's look.

The entire range of Toni & Guy styling products are priced at $15.99 each.
Toni & Guy's styling products are available from and selected supermarkets.

xxx Nella

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  1. This definitely makes me want to try out some Toni & Guy products!

    Oh & it was lovely meeting you at the Benefit competition on Monday :)

    :) xx


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