Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Body Shop Elderflower Eye Gel

Elderflower Un-Perfumed Eye Gel $17.95  is Available from The Body Shop

A couple of weeks ago I had a bad reaction to sample of a face serum, this was bound to happen because of the amount of products I test out and sometimes the ingredients aren't listed on a small sample. My skin has been going through several changes and is slightly more sensitive because of them; the change in season is a big difference and also I have stopped taking the contraceptive pill which effects your hormones and skin quite a lot. So I had this terrible reaction which left the skin under my eyes very raw, dry and burning, every eye soothing gel I already had in my skin care collection was perfumed and was just making it worse. So I went on the hunt for an un-perfumed soothing eye gel, after a little online research I decided to pick up The Body Shop's Un-perfumed Elderflower Eye Gel. It has been a little jar of heaven for my sore eyes, so cooling and calming with only the smallest about needed. I have been applying it at night before going to sleep all around the eye area, lid and under eye and in the morning after a shower letting it absorb whilst I have a cup of tea and wiping any excess off before I put my makeup on. In a week my raw red skin under my eyes has completely healed and I am continuing to use this eye gel because if it healed that sore red skin so quickly it must be doing other miracle type things on my eyes also.

Have you used The Body Shops Un Perfumed Eye Gel before? Let me know if you are as in love as I am.

xxx Nella


  1. The eye gel sounds lovely! I love The Body Shop body butters and I am yet to explore their makeup and skincare ranges.

  2. Thanks for the comment Rose, I'll hopefully review more Body Shop products soon.


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