Wednesday, 17 October 2012

A Hairy Situation

The sun is out, the beach is beaconing you are getting a zillion texts from your BFF'S to meet them at your favorite rock on the Clovelly headland and you are freaking out because your bikini line is wildly out of control! 
Laser hair removal seems to be the hair removal of choice for most of my girlfriends these days, I've tried it -  yep got myself a scoopon, uoffer or whatever -  it didn't work and was excruciatingly painful. So if like me you wasted your money on Laser hair removal it seems waxing is the next best thing. At home waxing at first can be a little intimidating, but trust me it gets easier here are my tips:

- Do not have a shower prior to waxing, your skin will have moisture in it and the wax will not stick properly and you will end up ripping very delicate skin.

-Tell your parents, flat mates, boyfriend who ever that you 'need some quiet time and not to disturb you' the last thing you need is your flat mate bursting through your door.

-You need good lighting and space.

-Sit on a towel to avoid getting hot wax on your Persian rugs, polished concrete or floor boards.

- Before you start applying the hot wax to your delicate flower of a female area test the wax on your upper leg and practise the application and then pulling it off technique, read the instruction booklet or youtube it.

- If the wax feels like its burning you STOP! It probably is!

- Peel off wax is best for your delicate flower, leave strip wax to the professionals. I like Nair Salon Divine Sensitive Wax $12.99, it seems to apply the most evenly and not be as painful to pull off.

- Work inwards, start with the stray hairs on your upper thighs and top of your bikini line, this will help with the ouchie pain, applying wax to small areas at a time. 

-It is important to use an alcohol based solution after waxing, this will sting a little but it will keep the area free of any nasties and help avoid any ingrown hairs from forming.
Nad's Ingrown Solution $12.99 - is a goodie, also exfoliate your bikini area in between wax's and apply the Ingrown solution if you are prone to stubborn ingrown hairs.

- Have a shower after you have finished waxing and shave your legs my favorite shaving combo is L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil $36.00 and my trusty Gilette Venus Razor $13.99.

Then your are ready to brave the beach and you wont have to worry that you are going to scare your crush off with an out of control bikini line!


  1. Thanks for the hot hairy tips! Considering doing ye olde IPL scoupon deal thing. Just out of curiosity, how much hair do you think it permanently removed? Mmmm...getting mixed reviews out there. Keen to do legs and bikini! SOS beauty queen.

    1. Hi!

      Thanks so much for your comment. I think I got 3 sessions of underarm and bikini for about $60.00 on uoffer or one of those sites. I'm not sure how much it would cost for your legs and bikini, depends how many sessions you would need. Let me know how you go.



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