Friday, 19 October 2012

Full ON lashes, Full ON lady!

Yesterday I woke up feeling totally blahhhh, like really blahhhhhhh. I knew the only want to snap myself out of this whirlpool of self-pitty and procrastination was to do my makeup, not just do my makeup but really DO my makeup!  
Starting with a heavier base than normal and then doing my eyebrows with precision and not just scraping some pencil through like normal, moving on I did my eyes like proper with the crease and everything then I was on such a roll I thought LASHES! Why not!?! So I popped on a bit of liner on  and then fiddled around trying to apply a pair of MAC #20 Half Lash numbers to the outer corners and boom! Instant lady, I felt amazing like I could flirt with every man in the world. I strutted around the house waiting for someone to notice but no one did, so me and my lashes went to the shops to buy some lunch and no one noticed either. I even took my lashes out for a run with me later that evening, my mood had completely altered from feeling like it was the worst day ever to being a productive day and it was all due to my mood lifting lashes. 

Here are a few lashes for newbies to the wonderful world of lashes:

MAC's #20's Half Lash $20.00
If you are unsure about using a full strip of lashes outer corner half-lashes are a great option, they are much easier to apply and giving length and flutter to the outer lash line while also opening up your eyes making them appear wider.
Available from MAC

Dolly Wink Lashes No.4 Feminine Style US$13.50
Lashes are extremely popular in the Asian beauty market, they can be simple verging on natural or played up as a big feature and very doll like. Dolly Wink is a big cosmetic brand across Japan, Korea and China available from pharmacies and cosmetic chains like Sasa. The No.4 lashes are longer than the Mac Half Lash they span 3/4 of your eye, they are extremely wispy and flirty. These are not natural looking, people will know you are wearing falsies but they are very flattering and cute.
Available from Sasa and various Asian Beauty Supply Stores.

Shu Uemura Slant Lashes in black US$21.00
These are strictly big event lashes - unless you are a cast member on The Only Way is Essex because those girls would just wear these down the shops.
I like these for topping off a very perfected and precise winged liner a'la Jaime King in Hart of Dixie, for an updated 50's look. Shu Uemura offer lash application at their counters if you want to learn from the experts before attempting lash application yourself.
Available at Shu Uemura counters at David Jones and

Eylure Individual Lashes Black $14.99
These are first ever lashes I learnt to apply, my good friend Makeup Artist Molly Oakfield gave me a pair of tweezers, a packet of individual lashes and a tube of Duo glue pushed me towards the bathroom mirror showing me how to carefully place and stick these little guys and I was hooked! Single lash clusters are a good way of filling gaps in your natural lashes and building up the outer corners to create a more dramatic look. If you have naturally quite short lashes there are 3 sizes to chose from which is great and a lot easier to blend in with your natural shorter lashes. Only downside is that individual lashes are a lot harder to re-use than strip lashes.
Available from Priceline 

Ardell Accent lashes #305 $7.95
These are full on pin up glamour styles, make sure you have loaded your lashes with mascara before applying these bad boys. I am pretty sure you could flirt all they way to heaven wearing these lashes.
Available from Crush Cosmetics

Katy Perry Lashes created by Eylue 'Sweetie Pie' $14.99
Celebrity lash lines are big at the moment, Girls Aloud have one which is available on ASOS and it is also fab -  you too can look like Cheryl Cole/Tweedy with a simple lash application! I haven't tried Katy Perry's line of lashes yet but am desperate too, because I am obsessed with Katy Perry and her makeup at the moment, if anyone has seen the Katy Perry documentary 'Part of Me' you will get it, she completely transforms with makeup and they girl knows a good pair of lashes I'm sure.
Available from Priceline

Millie Mackintosh Soho Lashes £8.99
Another celebrity lash line I am really excited to try out, Millie Mackintosh from the reality show 'Made in Cleasea' has surprisingly been the break out entrepreneur from the Chelsea set - although maybe not the most charismatic as you can see in the you tube video below. The lashes look very soft but definitely pump up the glamour and will give your eyes that certain false lash intensity which I love.
Available from and coming soon to Selfridges in the UK.


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