Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Celebrity Fragrance : Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday

With the constant onslaught of gimmicky celebrity fragrances being launched recently - Lady Gaga's Fame the first black perfume?! Even Snooki has one. I have only just seen Nicki Minaj's newest offering 'Pink Friday' and as Nicki said “My fans are going to spaz out when they see this.” - I am totally spazzing out.
The bottle is completely incredible, I am assuming you take the wig off and the spray pump is underneath, this is cringingly cool. Also the actual liquid looks to be pink, take that Lady Gaga! Nicki describe 'Pink Friday' as “a celebration of my life at this moment; it is a reflection of me as a creator, and an expression of me as a woman,” LOL!
Because I haven't yet smelt 'Pink Friday' I will just regurgitate Nicki's description 'Fruit, vanilla and musk' hmmmmmm sounds sickenly sweet like most other celebrity fragrances.
With her own MAC Viva Glam lipstick and a collaboration with OPI (both of which I love!)  Nicki's fragrance is certainly not her first foray into the beauty industry and let's not hope it's her last.
I have no idea when 'Pink Friday' will launch in Australia but I am sure there will be a huge OTT stand to match the bottle in every major department store around Australia very soon.

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