Monday, 13 August 2012

White Glo for your pearly whites.

Ok so this was an impulse buy when I was at the massive discount chemist a little hung over and not really in a frame of mind where I should have been shopping at all. So buying a professional whitening toothpaste which clearly states on the packaging that was 'orginially formulated for actors and models' was really hilarious at the time and it came with some free toothpicks and a tooth brush- SCORE!
Then I got really excited that it might actually make my teeth white as well as make me brake down laughing when I read the tube every morning in the shower.
A month later and I have almost finished the tube............and I think my teeth are actually looking a little whiter for reals. Like not so much whiter that anyone else would notice, but under good lighting and looking from some angles they are definitely whiter. Its not a dramatic difference like a professional whitening treatment would give you, but over time it has taken my teeth maybe 2 shades whiter which is pretty cool.  Next up I might try the White Glo Coffee and Tea formula because I am a Darjeeling addict. 

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