Tuesday, 14 August 2012

ghd Styling: Heat Protect and Straight & Tame

Ghd is a brand known for their excellent and very HOT styling tools, but before you go in on your virgin baby hair with a 200 degree ghd Styler I suggest you invest in some products which will protect your locks.
Hair oils are great, I love them BUT do not put hair oils in prior to using any heated tools, because what happens when oil gets hot? IT FRIES and will make your hair look like a bag of hot chips!
Ghd's Heat Protect works best sprayed all over damp hair and then combed through with a wide tooth comb to spread the product throughout your hair, then blow dry as you do. If you like to leave it at that - then thats cool apply a little hair oil to your hopefully not split ends and off you roll.
If you like a more polished look or a have a serious power bob which needs to be slightly more perfected then while your hair is still slightly damp apply a small amount of ghd's Straight & Tame (maybe the size of a prune) to the palm of your hand and rub through your hair. Your hair should feel slightly tacky to touch, now finish off your blow-dry with a big round brush continuing to spread the product through your hair whist blow drying. 
These 2 products have saved my bleached dead hair from looking as big and out of control as Einstein's.

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