Sunday, 12 August 2012

DIY : Bright Leopard Print Nails

Newbie to nail art? Leopard print nails are super easy to try at home and the result is a really sassy set of nails. If you are really boring you could use nudes, brown and black......Eeeeewwwww so gross. The brighter the better babes! I think that there is some rule about not wearing pink and orange together, who ever thought of that is the same person who would like nude nails and boring shit like that. 

1. Paint your nails with a base coat of colour, you need something that's going to be opaque with one coat and dries like a speed demon. I used Revlon Top Speed in Bubble 220.

2. Pour a blob of your second colour onto some scrap paper. You will need a mini paint brush from a dollar store to paint your leopard spots, so go buy one. Load your brush up good with your nail polish, and paint some stretched blobs if you are messy and a bit wobbly it doesn't matter at all. Ohhh and you know when you are painting with regular paint you have a water jar to clean your brush? Well you are want to do that but with nail polish remover in an egg cup. The orange I used is from japan but any orange will do.

3. Your highlight colour needs to be really poppy and on the other end of the colour spectrum to your first colours. Clean your brush, pour a blob of the polish on your scrap paper and load up your brush, don't be shy. Then paint around the blobs in half moon shapes, add a few little tiny spots in gaps. FIN! You are done and ready to go scratch some hunks chest or just wave your cute nails in peoples faces and be very proud of yourself.

If my words baffle you then come along to our next NPAA meeting where I will be teaching Leopard print and watermelon nail tutorials. We will be meeting upstairs at the Cricketers Arms Hotel in Surry Hills Thursday 6th September from 6pm onwards.

Big kisses love to the babes that came to NPAA at the Thousands live Issue for the Biennale of Sydney.....We painted over 200 sets of nails and loved every second of it.



  2. can you please do a post on the world of shellac? i can't decide if this is a good thing or a very bad thing x


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