Monday, 6 August 2012

Nails Inc. 'Bag a Bachelor' + Cleo Magazine

Were you as excited as I was that there was a FREE Nails Inc. polish with this months Cleo? Too be honest the cover really didn't grab me Mila Kunis looks like a boyfriend stealing sour puss and I have no interest in the 500+ Guys revealing their deepest, darkest secrets which is what Cleo is telling us this month - lets face it I bought the magazine purely for the nail polish.
The UK based Nails Inc. is a brand previously not available in Australia and according to the website they are launching in Australia soon. They retail for £11.00 which converts to around $16.00 of FREE if you feel like buying Cleo this month FYI Cleo retails for $7.95.
'Bag a Bachelor' is a white based baby pink, which I was hoping would be comparable to OPI's 'Mod About You' sadly it is not at all comparable in anyway at all. This colour (I am going to assume it is just this colour because I have not tried any other Nails Inc polishes - and I will try a few more when I can get my hands on them) dries so slowly, it requires 3 coats to achieve an even coverage. Which is so frustrating because I so desperately wanted to love this polish and probably bough 2 more copies to have the 2 other colours available. 
Check out Nails Inc. HERE

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