Saturday, 25 August 2012

Beauté Gazette Review: Maybelline baby Lips 'Glow'

Rarely will I regret buying a product, with the power of the Internet and my obsession with beauty youtubers & bloggers I am more than equipped with knowledge before stepping foot in Priceline or a department store. 
It has been a wind-fest in Sydney this month and I have been overdosing on lip balm - I might for the first time finish a tube! On Wednesday morning I rushed out the door and forgot my trusty paw paw ointment, upset but also excited that I would be able to go and buy MORE LIP BALM. I was wearing head to toe variations of pink that day so maybe that's why I gravitated towards the bright pink package of the Maybelline Baby Lips? Whatever I bought it and and boy oh boy am I disappointed. It totally sucks, not only does it make chapped lips worse, it actually irritates them more. There is no moisturizing quality to this lip balm at all, it would be more moisturizing to rub your lips with sandpaper. To make this product worse it is tinted, I am so cool with tinted lip balms, but because the product dries out your lips the colour clings to the outer parts of your lips and looks like dodgy lip liner. Aghhhh I hate slagging off products because I feel like a chump for wasting my money, but this a really pointless and annoying product. I have now been checking I packed my paw paw every morning before running out the door.


  1. As if! I love it! its one of my favourite lip balms!!

  2. Hi Ruby!
    Are you living in the United States? There are different formula's around the world. Glad to know you could make this lip balm work for you.

    xx Nella


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