Thursday, 23 August 2012

Beauté Profile : Romance Was Born's Anna Plunkett

Bumping into Anna on Oxford St below her studio, where we had arranged to meet I was super excited to see all the beauty favorites she had brought along to show me. But as we are waiting to get a fresh juice (beetroot, ginger and carrot) I notice she has barely anything on her face, her skin is glowing, her naturally blue eyes framed with a small amount of mascara and she has her signature bright lip on. Anna's style is usually what she is noticed for clashing silk prints from her own label Romance Was Born which she designs with business partner Luke Sales. Her hair is on a rainbow rotation at the moment changing every couple of weeks to which ever colour she feels like, with such intense colour and bleaching a treatment every 2 weeks at Oscar and Oscar salon keeps her hair as healthy as it can be. Monthly facials at Millk Studios would be ideal but it is more like 'Whenever I can get there'. The first time I saw OPI's Mod about you was on Anna's nails, which are rarely not painted and they have the distinct glossy top coat of a Sexy Nails devotee. Bikram yoga is very important to Anna - I wish it was more important to me, she practices 2-3 times a week at The center of Yoga sweatin' it out and staying centered.

Anna's Favorite Things:

Aesop Catherine Oil Burner Blend
'Burning this oil in the studio it has really soothing citrus smell that we have become fond of. Our friend Tess who works at Aesop got us onto it'

Aesop Rose Moisture Facial Hydrosol:
'We have this in the studio for whenever we need a pick me up!'

Aesop APC Poo Drops:
'Actually a close friend put me onto these after I was complaining about a certain person always doing #2's before I need to use the bathroom - Pretty funny!'

Aesop Fabulous Facial Oil
'My skin is combination and makeup dries it out, when it is feeling like it needs a lift I use a couple of drops of this in the morning or before I put a face on at night if I'm going somewhere.'
All Aesop available from

Aveda Light The Way Candle
'This is a lavender soy wax candle, it's always nice to have a candle burning when we are working. As long as we remember to blow it out, there was a really close call unrelated to us down the road and we are super conscious of it now.' available from Aveda salons.

GHD Ultimate Hairspray
'Morning, noon or night, you never know when you will need to tame the fly aways. A little thing I do is spritz the end of a finally toothed comb to shape my thick eyebrows in place, works a treat for the Brooke Shields look! Ghd have nailed the Ultimate hairspray and they have ideally named it!'
Ghd available from

Lavera Rose Body Spray
'I try to avoid aluminium based deodorant and I was really struggling with a tea tree oil one I used to get at the supermarket, but my book keeper put me onto this one. It's not a hardcore repellent but I think its a good alternative to regular deodorants.' Lavera is available from health food stores.

Chanel Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum
'I like any Chanel fragrance really, and it's all I like to wear - I consider myself a Chanel girl. Since a very young age my Auntie always wore Chanel fragrances and she gave them to us for Christmas. My favorite is Allure but I have recently fallen in love with Beige.'
Chanel Mademoiselle and Allure fragrances available from Chanel counters.
Chanel Beige exclusively available at Chanel Boutiques.

'My friend Tessy told me the other day she thought she was sitting next to a mermaid (me!) and that made me really happy. I love MAC makeup, the pigments are so super spot on for colours, recently been loving the moonlight Pink Opal iridescent pigment - it reminds me of the finish of white pearls. For the mermaid look I like to dab it on my finger (not sure if that's is the right way, but its my way!) and dab it on the high moons of my cheeks up to the brow bone. Glitter on your eyes is always a good quick effective trick. My favorite lippy is MAC's Dear Diary, it is the best party girl colour ever. Even in Winter I like to wear sunscreen so Mac's Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15 is good for a bit of coverage when the suns not too crazy. We all need to look after our skin now to avoid botox in the future, not that I ever would!'
pigment in Pink Opal and Pink Glitter, Studio Moisture Tint in Light, Dear Diary pro long wear creme lipstick from the Beth Ditto Collection.
All available at

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