Sunday, 26 August 2012

Just Another Manicure Monday : Essie Vermillionaire

Drums please.....It is all of a sudden summertime again, just like the Jazzy Jeff & Will Smith like it. I really liked that Essie Vamillionaire is a true orange, it doesn't have that powdery white opaqueness that is usually in orange nail polishes think like OPI's atomic orange. It takes two coats to get a good colour pay-off and isn't streaky at all but mehhhh. Something is not quite right, maybe it's my pasty corpse bride hands which aren't doing the colour justice? Or maybe I have jumped the gun on the whole summertime vibe and I need a spray tan and a trip to Bali to do this colour justice. Women of colour which is darker than mine, this would look really babe'n on you.
OK TA-DA! A new topcoat! Who would have thought I would ever cheat on Seche Vite? But alas I have. Seche Vite goes kind of gloopy after a month and so I thought I would try Out The Door. It is pretty good, dries super fast as the name out imply, locking in the polish underneath if it hasn't totally dried yet an the finish is high-gloss. It is a lot thinner in consistency than Seche-Vite, which I miss but that's ok. There is a glittery Out The Door Topcoat called 'Northern Lights' which looks right up my alley and I will have to get next time.

What are your favorite summertime nail polishes?


  1. What a happy colour, just in time for spring.

    This is seriously a wicked blog. Such awesome layout. Keep it up!

    Luc X

    1. Thank you so much LOVE LUC BLOG! I just had a squize at your blog, and it its beautifully written and I will be a regular reader.

      Ta x


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