Sunday, 29 July 2012

Just Another Manicure Monday : Revlon Mini's

Never in my life have I every actually ever finished a bottle of nail polish, they always dry out before I get to the bottom. That's why mini sizes are great, lets face it mini sizing of any item is better than full size, cuter and more economical. This set of mini's I picked up on offer at the discount chemist for $7.95 - total score. 
Very excited about 'Moss' initially which is a kind of murky army green, it looks like a cool girl colour. But I could only stand it on one nail. 'Tulip' is the star, its a blue based pink and is going to look great with a blue glitter top coat. 'Butterfly' is a standard orange, which I needed desperately because I am going to start wearing my Netherlands jersey very soon and going Olympics crazy.
OPI usually do mini sets too with each of the collections also and L'oreal have just launched mini nail polishes too! Mini Madness!

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