Monday, 30 July 2012

What's in my bag? Everyday edition

Ever wondered why girls bags are so heavy? It's because this is what I lug about everyday without even batting an eyelid. 9 Lip products?!?!? When I am about to leave the house I just shove more and more lip things in my bag without taking the others out. Clockwise from bottom left:


Germaphobe much? Not really I am just very clumsy and these are good if you spill anything on your clothes this will help to stop it from staining.

Very hydrating with a plum tint, it smells pretty good too.

How gross/great is this leopard print packaging! I am obsessed with how it smells like old ladies too. I bought this because I was sick of buying expensive powders only to open my makeup case to find everything covered in smashed up shattered powder.

Surprisingly a quite good brush for on the go!

I am taking this out of my bag now.....fearful of it smashing.

Yes.....I finally gave in and got the Coral in Love shade. Worth the hype, its a super pretty poppy coral colour.

Fuchsia satin finish lipstick, super posh David Jones mum packaging. It's fun to whip this out in a bathroom - you get lots of inquisitive looks from other ladies reapplying with boring lipstick.

This is a clear shimmer which looks great over red lipsticks, I don't know why this is in my bag. Its probably been left stray from a night out. Also if you want glossy shimmer eyelids a'la the Tom Ford campaign with Lara Stone, dab this over some bronze eyeshadow and smudge into the lash line. 

Holy grail under eye concealer, nothing else works for me. This is perfect and corrects under eye circles without cake-ing and creasing in wrinkles - Not that I have any wrinkles.

Matte Nude colour, maybe I was having a 90's moment sometimes this week. This on its own makes me look sick in a bad way, but its ok with a gloss over the top.

This is a sunkissed bronzer, great for a quick all over healthy glow. Its a bit too orange for contouring.

I could smell this all day everyday, I wish there was a candle of this scent. It smells like childhood memories of brand new Polly Pockets or plastic toys. 

A little tube of security, everything is right in the world when this is by your side. It can fix anything.....well maybe just chapped lips, cuticles and dry skin! But that's almost everything.

Comme Des Garcon Coin Purse

Mini Medical Kit
Cotton buds, Tampon, Hair bands, bobby pins, mini nail file, bandaids, foundation sample, panadine forté, naprogesic, midol, pepto bismol. Always be prepared!

This is my favorite nudey peach everyday lipstick, its perfect and I love it. Subtle and cute.

A new purchase last week, it is so great and already a permanent handbag lipgloss. Such a pretty coral shade with hint peach with no shimmer.

Ultimate lipgloss and stain in one! This I had with me the other day when I wanted a pink stain but not a heavy lipstick look.

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