Saturday, 28 July 2012

Luxe Beauty VS Budget Beauty

These are basically the same thing, I love both. A clear silicone primer which prevents eyelid from becoming slippery and shadow moving about during the day. Maybe if you wore Snooki amounts of eye shadow daily then you could be really picky with your primer but if you are just wanting your shadow to stay put all day then its a tie in the race between NYX and NARS primers.

There are very obvious differences in these products - not just the price. By Terry Baume de Rose contains SPF 15! Which if you have ever had burnt lips you know it is very important - even in cold climates. This is great for if you are near snow or water where sunlight is reflecting onto your skin making it a lot more prone to burning. Both are multi purpose products which can be used on cuticles, dry patches, eyes and lips. By Terry Baume de Rose is a clear winner in the lip balm race BUT my soft nostalgic spot for Lucas Paw Paw Ointment will always remain - my handbag feels empty without it.

The intensity of these shadows blows my mind! They can build up very easily to the same look as in the pan on your eyes and they blend out and soften into you crease with only a few brush strokes. L'oreal colour infailible shadows are great if you are want a basic high impact shadow which look great on there own BUT if you want some amazing colours like SUPER AMAZING DUO CHROME COLOURS then Giorgio Armani Eyes to kill is your shadow. For me I love both and its a total tie. 

Both of these foundations give the same amount of coverage, apply very similarly, smell kind of the same hmmmmmm very fishy. They are light coverage foundations which are perfect for 'no makeup makeup' but there is one big difference: wear time. Chanel Vitalumere Aqua based and so if you have oily skin this is going to last about 10mins BUT Bourjois has a slightly longer wear time as it sets slightly matte on the skin. So for me Chanel Vitalumere Aqua is great for summer and Bourjois Healthy Mix is great for winter and the winner would be if there was an imaginary foundation which was a blend of the two?!?!? Does anyone know what the hell I mean and can you recommend me a foundation resembling something of that description?

Ok so I am just putting it out there from the start Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner wins hands down! It doesn't dry out in the pot, lasts all day and the black is very jet black with no streaking.

The classic red lippy contest! Ohhhh Ahhhhhh!
Texture, Colour pay off and application is what I judged these two lipsticks on.
Texture - I have to give it to Revlon this is a very creamy matte shade and feels really creamy on your lips.
Colour - Giorgio Armani is so pigmented, the red is luminous on your lips.
Application - Its a tie! Oh no.......You will just have to buy both!

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