Sunday, 22 July 2012

DIY : Cucumber Eye Pads

Sundays are my at home beauty night, please dont pop over for a cup of tea because you will find me when a face mask on with my hair wrapped up in glad wrap doing an intense hair treatment.
There cucumber pads are quick DIY remedy for puffy eyes:

1. Roughly peel and chop 2 fresh cucumbers

2. Blend cucumbers into a watery pulp, add a teaspoon of your favorite cleansing water. This makes the mixture smell lovely.

3. Soak some cotton pads in the cucumber mixture -  N.B count out your pads before you soak them so you are doing an even number....because you have ummmmm 2 eyes. DUH!

4. When your cotton pads are soaked through, hold above and let any excess fall off. Then place cucumber soak pads flat, not over lapping in a small sandwich bag - 2 per bag.

5. Place your incredibly weird looking cucumber eye pads into the freezer. When you need to use them, take them out of the sandwich bag and let sit for a minute or two so they aren't 'too cold'. 

* Also please let anyone you live with what the weird bags of gooey green things are in your freezer.

Natural benefits of cucumbers for your eyes is totally mind blowing, Cucumbers reduces the appearance of dark circles! You heard me right, its the natural antioxidants and silica within cucumbers which helps reduce those bloody dark circles.

Bit of a booze hound? Need a little help with puffy eyes? Cucumbers reduce swelling because of the high amounts of ascorbic acids contained in them.

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