Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Mary Kay TimeWise+ Volu-Fill Wrinkle Corrector

Mary Kay TimeWise+ Volu-Fill Wrinkle Corrector $88.00 available from www.marykay.com.au

Have you ever used a beauty product and thought that the description didn't match what was in the tube?
I had that exact experience with the new Mary Kay Wrinkle Corrector (I am shortening the name because plah-leese, I am not typing it 7 times in this post)The first time I applied the very thick cream to my eye area as part of my nightly skincare routine it felt very strange and not nourishing to the area at all. The next morning I applied it to the same area around my eyes whilst looking in a mirror and it was amazing. This is what I wanted the much hyped Indeed Labs Nanoblur to do, act as a primer, fill in and blur fine lines and sit perfectly under my make up! Mary Kay claims it to be a fine line and wrinkle corrector with skin care benefits, but I am not too sure it works that way and I didn't see any improvement in my fine lines over the 2 weeks of use. But I did become obsessed with it as a primer for eye make up, it is perfect at mattifying and blurring imperfections and have been using it daily.
There has been a huge amount of these blurring and priming products hitting the shelves lately and none have seemed to really work out for me until now, so if you are like me and haven't found a product to hit your priming spot then this gem is worth a try.

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