Monday, 8 December 2014

Beach Blonde and Ocean Waves by John Frieda........IT'S BACKKKK!

Beach Blonde Ocean Waves Sea-Salt Spray $16.99, Cool Dip Purifying Shampoo $15.99 & Smooth Seas Detangling Conditioner $15.99 
Available from January 1st 2015 from

Start the countdown John Frieda is bringing back the OG, the trendsetter, the much pined after BEACH BLONDE range. The range was discontinued over a decade ago disappearing off the shelves and has been lusted and longed for ever since. With bottles of the Ocean Waves Salt Spray fetching prices of over $100 on eBay and urban legends of sightings at discount stores....ITTSSSS BACKKKK! 
Just in time for a whole new generation ready and eager to try this cult status range. The smell brings back amazing summer memories a mix of mint and coconutty goodness without being too sickly sweet, it makes me feel like I am 16 years old and washing my hair after a day lazing on the beach during school holidays. *Cue the I'm almost 31 now freak out!*
The line has been brought back by a very clever social media campaign from John Frieda in which fans could vote to 'Bring back your favourite Throwback' and Ocean Waves was the hero product that has made a much deserved comeback!
So why was it so love and missed? It was one of the first salt sprays available to the masses at supermarkets and pharmacies, if you are a committed Bumble & Bumble Salt Spray lover then prepare to meet your match at a much more affordable price point. 
So if you are like me and love a tousled laid back beachy waves look at all times and not just whilst by the sea then prepare to make room for your new HG comeback product line.

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