Sunday, 10 August 2014

Ultraceuticals Ultra Red-Action Complex - My 90 day trial to reduce facial redness

Ultraceuticals Ultra Red-Action Complex $95.00 is available from leading skin clinics and David Jones Stores from September 2014

Facial redness is something that effects my skin, caused by sun damage over time the redness is blotchy areas over my forehead cheeks and chin - it is super annoying and I do feel self conscious without make up. Which is not how I want to feel about my skin, so I am trialling my first anti-redness product.

Ultraceuticals new Ultra-Red Action Complex was given to me to trial for 90 days coinciding with its launch in September. Why 90 days? Because if you don't notice a visible reduction in facial redness by the end of 90 days then they will give you your money back!  I started using the Ultra Red-Action Complex 4 days ago (7th August) and have set an alert in my calender 90 days from now (November 1st) I am going to post before and after makeup free photos to see if my facial redness has reduced.

The Complex is a serum and I have been applying it nightly over my entire face before applying my night oil and eye cream. It is a strong smelling gel which is very quickly absorbed by your skin which is great because I am all about getting that night time skin care routine done as fast as possible and catching up on much needed beauty sleep asap!

Above are my areas of concern with facial redness that I am hoping the Ultra Red-Action Complex can help reduce.

Do you have facial redness? Let me know in the comments, it is a very common problem especially living in Australia with harsh UVB/A rays.

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