Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Top 3 Lush Bath Products

All available from your closest Lush store or from www.lush.com.au

There is something rather special about Lush, whether it be that all of their ingredients are ethically sourced and products are locally made or that they support grassroots charities? But most of all that their products make you feel good when you used them. 
In store I sometimes get a bit of a sensory overload and don't know which of the amazing products to pick. So here are my TOP 3 Lush Bath Products to help you next time you are in a Lush store or shopping online.

Rose Queen Bath Bomb $4.95
Oh how I love the smell of this bath bomb, it doesn't get any better than Rose, Geranium and a hint of Amber filling up a steamy room. This is my favourite life de-stresser bath bomb, soaking in the tub my troubles melt away - well at least for 20mins or so whilst in the bath! The smell is completely overpowering in the best possible way, closing your eyes and taking deep breaths inhaling the perfume is so relaxing. Also I have found that when I have bad period cramping a bath with the Rose Queen helps alleviate any pressure and bloating, I have no idea how or why but it totally helps.

A French Kiss Bubble Bar $10.95
So I have been on a huge exercise kick lately with lots of weights at the gym and aqua aerobics, when my muscles are feeling the burn a bath with the lavenderific 'A French Kiss' is amazing! Bubble baths at any age are fun and very necessary on a regular basis.

Let the Good Times Roll Facial Cleanser/Scrub $42.38
This is a new edition to my 'Lush Loves', I tried it out in store when having a hand treatment and boy did I fall head over heels in love. The scrub is made up of maize flour which comes from corn so it is very fine but works amazingly well at getting rid of any lingering fake tan or dry patches. It is a very easily applied scrub, the oils help it stick to your skin do it doesn't run everywhere when you try and rub it in.

What are you favourite Lush loves? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. It's hard to just pick three, but any bath ballistic is heaven. Also Turkish delight, happy hippo, the lip scrub. Too many beautiful and gorgeous treats X


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