Tuesday, 27 May 2014

D.I.Y: How to easily remove Gel or Shellac nail polish at home!

Are you an obsessive polish picker? Me too! Picking off Gel or Shellac polish is one of the most damaging things you can do to your poor defenseless nails. But once I've got one little chip in my polish then I just can't stop picking and having to waiting to get to a salon to have it removed by a professional will drive me crazy. So removing at home is the only way I will save my nails from being picked to death. Here are my full proof removal steps for Gel and Shellac polish:
-Acetone (found at beauty supply stores or buy online)
-Aluminium foil
-Cotton rounds
-Nail file and buffer
-Glass jar (I used an old candle jar)

Time to PREP!Cut up 10 Aluminium foil into 15cm x 10cm pieces and cotton rounds into triangles, doing this will save you faffing about and mess.
1. No matter how grown out do not attempt to pick and peel off Gel or Shellac, you will ruin your nails!
2. Using a coarse nail file, file off the topcoat layer of the polish. Making the surface of your nails is rough to the touch. This allows the acetone to break down the Gel or Shellac polish more easily. 
3. Place cotton triangles into the glass jar and add 30mls of Acetone, pop an acetone soaked cotton triangle on a nail. (Acetone will melt plastic so that is why a glass jar is important)
4. Place an aluminium foil square under your finger.
5. Wrap up your finger in the aluminium, keeping the cotton triangle on your nail.
6. Continue wrapping all your fingers up carefully, this can be a little fiddly but take your time. Leave nails wrapped up for 20-30mins. Pinch and wiggle your nails whilst they are in the wraps to loosen the polish off your nails.
7. This is what my nails looked like once wraps came off, although it looks like they haven't taken off the shellac with a gentle buffing nail file the rest of the polish comes off very easily. A final wipe of an acetone soaked cotton round and any remnants of blue shellac is gone.
8. TAADAA! Shellac free nails! 

Please comment down below if you are a fellow polish picker and if you attempt my at home DIY Gel or Shellac removal!

xxx Nella
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