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OUTERGOLD! An interview with Carney Nir co-founder of Outergold the Australian online luxe beauty emporium.

Outergold is an Australian based online Beauty emporium which stocks lust worthy brands with street-chic-cred like Rodin, Uslu Airlines, Kester Black, Lurk and Embryolisse to name a few. 
I discovered Outergold on Instagram and instantly connected with their love and dedication to finding new and beautiful products for the store, every item is handpicked for its unique qualities. Outergold is a rare gem and is one a kind in the Australian beauty market, a rebel amongst the monopoly of department stores in the beauty game. Carney Nir Co-Founder of Outergold answered a few questions about where and how Outergold started and also gave me a few of her own beauty tips and tricks....

How did you start Outer Gold? Was there a catalyst or frustration which lead to the beginning of the site?
It started the way all great ideas start - over wine. My business partner Bridget and I both have busy full time jobs, and were doing a lot of online shopping. We were chatting about how there's no beauty website that looked like the kind of store we like to shop at for fashion items. We also couldn't work out why you can't buy some of the amazing brands we'd found on our overseas travel in Australia. So we decided to start our own! 

The brands which you carry all have cult status or luxe-cred in the beauty world, how do you decide which brands to stock and where do you find out about them?
It's a mixture of brands we've found overseas, brands that our friends have told us's an ever evolving learning process, and nearly every week we find another brand that we love. Over the next year you'll see a few more new amazing brands added to the mix, which we're super excited about. 

Outer Gold is one of the only independent online beauty stores in Australia, do you think there will be more starting to compete with the major department stores and other high end retail outlets with the changing economic climate of the beauty retail? (i.e. the mark up on products that majors put on products and the import tax on cosmetics) 
Thank you! It's obviously a consideration for us, but we have such a specific customer in mind that so far it hasn't really been a major concern. Our objective when starting the site was that we wanted to stock brands that were niche and hard to find and to make sure that we had the best customer service for girls like us that love music, art and travel as well as fashion and beauty. Being small allows us to do that and to listen to our customers and adapt to what they want and need. 

What is your favourite form of social and online beauty media? Do you keep up to date with beauty bloggers through social media? And who are some of your faves? 
Yes absolutely, we're inundated with it! We work closely with beauty and fashion bloggers and beauty editors - we have too many faves to name! 

Holy Grail product time, what products can you not live a day without and how do you use them?
Any type of oil! I'm obsessed with oils for skin, oils for hair, oils for body...the top shelf item is RODIN olio lusso which is definitely worth saving up for. I also love Earth Tu Face's Face Serum with Blue Chamomile and Carrot Seed. It's completely natural, super hydrating and I always look like I got a few extra hours of sleep the next morning when I use it at night! 

What was your first beauty purchase and what has been your latest beauty purchase?
My first beauty purchase was probably either some lavender-scented product or in all likelihood some sort of Red Earth lipstick (it was the 90s!) My latest purchase has been a couple of Lurk Beauty fragrance oils. They smell amazing and don't have any alcohol or water in them, which is great for me as I have sensitive skin and am pretty much allergic to everything! 

Which is your favourite and most referenced era of beauty and who are some of your all time beauty icons?
I love the 20s and the 60s if I had to pick. Our favourite ladies include Debbie Harry, Kim Gordon, Linda Rodin...the list goes on. All very different, all amazing. 

What are your go to 'party girl' products for a night out dancing?
Eyeliner and bright lipstick. You don't need anything else! 

Any unique and weird beauty tips and tricks?
Bridget and I always say, when in doubt throw on a bright lip. It takes 2 seconds, brightens your mood and you don't need to have any sort of special beauty know high to do it. I always have about 15 different colours floating around in my bag. 

Finally, how would you spend your last $100 ever in an afternoon?
I feel like you can't go wrong with a bottle of champagne.

Thanks Carney! 

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