Monday, 28 October 2013

MANICURE MONDAY : Model Co's Nail Polish in 'Model Co Pink'

Model Co Nail Polish in 'Model Co Pink' $14.95 available from

Have you ever seen someone wearing a nail polish and just thought 'I need that on my right now asap!'. Well this happened to me whilst watching Lisa Eldridge's latest YouTube video 'Beauty Nightmares! Solutions from my Pro Kit' she was holding up products and all I could do was stare at her glossy fuchsia nails.
I have no idea what the exact nail polish she was wearing but it made me search through my nail polish collection to find my beloved Model Co polish in 'Model Co Pink'! My perfect bright pink, it is blue based fuchsia with an undetectable slight shimmer which pops on any skin colour. I have a few Model Co Polishes and they are all great, applying to the nails easily without at fuss and drying fairly quickly. I will say they do need a good glossy top coat to protect them and give them some lasting power on your nails.
Because sometimes a girl just needs bright pink nails and a glass of Chardonnay to lift her mood.

xxx Nella

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