Sunday, 23 March 2014

RImmel Scandal Eyes 'Rockin' Curves' Mascara + Kate Moss 4 Eva!

Rimmel Scandal Eyes 'Rockin Curves' Mascara $16.95 available from

The Scandal Eyes collection from Rimmel has a new addition : The 'Rockin Curves' Mascara, I have been very very excited to try it. Kate Moss is the poster babe for the new mascara and I couldn't be more happy to try and emulate Kates Rockin doll eyed lashes with this new mascara. When opening the mascara for the first time I must admit the wand was a little intimidating, how was I going to get the wave shaped wand to coat my lashes? After a little wiggling and practise I managed to create fanned out long and very black lashes. The best thing about the 'Rockin Curves' Mascara is that once applied it does not budge, there is no migrating black flakes which gives you panda eyes, it isn't a waterproof mascara but it is definitely a strong hold non-budge mascara. 
My makeup collection is comprised of a mix of high and low end products, but at the rate I go through mascara and because it always dries up within 3 months I can never justify parting with my hard earned money on expensive luxury brands. Having tested both ends of the price scale in the mascara game I can confidently say you do not need to spend a huge amount of cash to get amazing lashes.

And now here are my favourite images of Kate Moss.....any excuse right?

A baby faced Kate wearing lashings of mascara.

THAT Mario Testino Vogue cover.....!! 

Never forget.

Kate, Naomi and that amazing silver slip that didn't quit.

Rockin' that tutu babes!

xxx Nella

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  2. She's the BEST! I so want the Kate Moss coffee table book, it looks divine...

    The mascara looks cool, I'm in a Lancome fase at the moment but usually it's L'Oreal that gets my vote. The wand looks a little wiggly, but it sounds like you did good xx

  3. Gonna give it a go since you guarantee it won't shed those hateful little black flakes. Panda nails cool, panda eyes not. Thanks!


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