Monday, 31 March 2014

Big Beautiful Brows with the new Ardell Brow Defining Kit

Ardell Brow Defining Kit $24.95 available from

I was blessed with many things that I am thankful for but thick full brows were not one of them, my brows are sparse, thin and naturally very blonde. Which causes much brow envy of ladies with heavenly defined face framing brows, I can only dream of having to need a brow wax? 
My brow routine is quite an intense process an I like to take my time perfecting the shape and colour to be just right to do this my brows cannot live without the Ardell Brow Defining Kit. The kit contains a 4 colour quad, comb, angled brush & a wax pencil, all of which are essential to creating the best brows possible no matter how much of a natural brow you are workin' with.  To start I mix the two lightest colours to create a custom brow colour which is a shade or two darker than my natural hair colour, using this I lightly map out my desired shape. I prefer a darker brow tail so I take the darker medium brown and define the tail and add a some depth to my brows. Once happy with my new set of full and sexy brows I take the brow wax pencil and lightly take it through the brow hairs to set them in place. A quick comb through and I am finished #IWOKEUPLIKEDIS.....Ummmm yeh right!
Big brows are definitely trending pretty hard right now, but my best tip is just to accentuate your natural shape and remember only Brooke Shields can be Brooke Shields and you can only be you!

Here are my favourite big browed babes for a little brow-spiration:

xxx Nella

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