Friday, 21 March 2014

Sensitive Skin Saviour: First Aid Beauty Essentials Kit.

First Aid Beauty Essentials Kit $19.95 available from David Jones stores Australia wide and  &

Get ready for one of the sexiest posts ever on Beauté Gazette, it contains a lot of skin....A  lot of blistered rashie skin after I suffered from a severe allergic reaction to something I ate. 
After suffering from said allergic reaction I was very weary of returning to my regular routine of products, needing a more gentle alternative till my skin was completely healed. The First Aid Beauty Essentials kit was stashed away in a box of travel sized products I keep in case I ever go on a holiday (never), I reached for them because the overwhelming amount of reviews online saying they were great for sensitive skin. 
The Gentle Body Wash and Moisturizer are so soothing on red sore inflamed itchy skin, it didn't by an means heal the rash but it felt calming when applied and didn't sting at all. Within 2 days I had gone through both mini-sized bottles (56.7gms) and had purchased both in full size, the Gentle Body Moisturizer $26.99 /226.8gm and the Gentle Body Wash $20.00/226.8gm from Feel Unique. 
Terrified to wash my face scared of stinging and overly irritating and extremely rashie parts, (told you this was going to be sexy) the Face Cleanser and Daily Face Moisturizer didn't sting at all. They both felt very non irritating and my skin wasn't stressed out after application.
My rash is slowly starting to fade with the help of some strong ass antihistamines and steroid medication, if you are prone to skin problems like this or psoriasis then First Aid Beauty is definitely a must try.
So in the spirit of being a very over sharing beauty blogger here are some photos documenting #rashgate2014:

I am not sure what caused this extreme allergic reaction but it was awful and I didn't leave the house for 3 days so as to not scare children with my blistering rash. #nofilter

xxx Nella

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