Thursday, 5 December 2013

The One Perfecting Brush by Becca : Are you THE one?

Becca's The One Perfecting Brush $65.00 available from and Becca counters located in David Jones Australia wide.

If you are reading this blog it probably means you are slightly obsessed with beauty products and you will understand when I explain that I am constantly searching for 'The One'. 'The One' foundation that  evens skin tone, doesn't make my skin oily and is the perfect colour match. 'The One' red lipstick that will stay on all night through dinner and drinks, makes your teeth look whiter and doesn't dry your lips out. 'The One' mascara which will lengthen, thicken and not smudge or flake around your eyes. 'The One' brush which can buff in liquid and powder foundation, blend in blush and bronzer to a natural glow and slightly highlight high points like a dream.

Becca's new 'The One Perfecting Brush' which claims to be 10 brushes in 1! This made me very excited to try it, anything to avoid more brush laundry. So how did it perform? Was it 'The One'?

Application: It took me about 10 minutes to master how to buff in my liquid foundation with such a long flat brush, I figured out it is best to dot the foundation on my face first and blend doing small upward circular motions and then once the foundation is all blended in finish with large sweeping motions to give perfect the finish. I loved the finish it gave my skin, sheering out foundation to gave a flawless look. Using the ends of the brush I then applied blush and bronzer, I loved the effect it gave blending the edges to avoid the dreaded striped cheek bronzer/blush look. Highlighter was a little difficult because I use a very small highlight brush, it was ok for my cheekbones and nose but I did struggle with my brow bone and cupids bow because of the size of the brush.
Quality:The brush did shed slightly on its first couple of uses, but this happens with all natural hair brushes for me (The One Perfecting Brush is made of goat hair) and usually stops after one or 2 washes. 
Brush Care: Becca recommends the brush be washed once every two weeks because the brush can be used over and over without absorbing products, all this true product doesn't transfer if you have active breakouts or break out prone skin I would advise to wash it much more frequently.
Overall: I am really impressed with this brush, especially how you can use different products one after the other and the don't transfer off the brush when you apply a new product. Its bazaar and very cool. The brush does make foundation, bronzer, blush application very quick and gives a precise and flawless finish to the face. It retails for $65.00 in Australia which is quite a hefty price tag, but if you are time poor and like a multitasking product this is going to change your life. But if you are a beauty nerd and love a different brush for everything you are going to take a little time adjusting. After 2 weeks of using 'The One' Perfecting brush I have been reaching for it to do my foundation and bronzing/contouring loving the smooth and blended effect it gives to my face, but I have to admit I do love applying cream blush to the apples of my cheeks with the cheapest brush in town : my fingers. 

Check out The One Perfecting Brush in Action:

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  1. Thanks for visiting my diary and commenting during a constructive manner, following on already! nice diary your have-I notably enjoyed your post on top of as I simply attended a Smash box event wherever the conjure artists all used brushes to use foundation giving a pretty mat and even finish!

  2. I am a bit of a brush girl and am really thinking about this unique brush to my collection but the concept of 10-in-1 really made me wonder if it is at all possible.
    On your last point, I completely agree with you - I do love my fingers for cream blush too and I have it on good authority from a whole team of Hollywood makeup artists I met that fingers are indeed the way to go for all sorts of makeup applications.
    Although in my opinion, they're not the cheapest tool at all - they're priceless ;) I love my fingers!


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