Tuesday, 3 December 2013

10 free ways to improve your skin! No fancy creams needed, promise.

Photo credit: Vogue Paris, 2012 
Does this photo make you feel better about your skin? Even though Giselle is an extremely beautiful supermodel with amazing skin look at this ridiculous pose she is doing! She looks like a total fool!

1. Take your makeup up off, not 2 hours after you get home but straight away. The more time you give your face to breath without makeup on the better. Also do a double cleanse, once to remove makeup and a second time to work the cleanser into your skin letting the cleanser wash off any bacteria that is lingering around.

2. Wash your pillowcases in a hot machine wash with an anti-bacterial laundry liquid regularly, like once a week not once a month. There are so many germs that fester in pillow cases, which competely grosses me out.

3. Wash your makeup brushes, if you have active acne or spots using make up brushes can just push bacteria around your face and give you even more spots!

4. Go for a swim in the ocean! Salt water is your skins natural BFF it will help clear your skin up of any irritations and healing blemishes.

5. Change your toothpaste. If you get regular break outs around your chin, it might be because of your toothpaste. Toothpastes containing the ingredient Hydrogen Peroxide can cause skin irritations and break outs.

6. Sweat! Whether you do a dance class, a full on cardio workout or go the steam room at a posh spa just make sure you sweat. Sweating opens the pores and pushes out any dirt or congestion that is clogging them. Make sure you have a clean face before you sweat, and wash your skin with an antibacterial cleanser post sweat avoid creating any more blocked pores.

7. Take your vitamins! Especially Krill and Fish Oil Tablets have helped my skin dramatically giving my body the good oils to help your skin naturally repair itself.

8. Stop touching your face, this may sound simple, but if you are a face toucher or nervous face picker, this is going to be very difficult. You nails and unwashed hands contain so much pimple making bacteria, not to mention the scaring effects of picking pimples and zits. Don't even get me started.

9. Wipe your phone/s with an anti-bacterial wipes regularly, OMG I drop my phone at least a dozen times a day and then I put it on my cheek touching my skin...That is basically like laying on the ground and rubbing my cheek on the dirty ground.

10. What goes in does come out, having a diet high in sugars, saturated fats, alcohol or (the worst) ciggies will not help break out prone skin it will only make it a million times worse. Someone very wise once said to me 'If all you eat is pizza your face is going to turn into a greasy pizza face' wise words that I will take with me through life. Maybe I should put it into a curly font using an app and put it on pinterest hashtagged #motivation.

xxx Nella

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