Monday, 2 December 2013

Christmas Gift Guide : The girlfriend who has it all....

Are you in a relationship with the girlfriend that 'has it all? Oh limited edition this and special release that are her pride and joys sitting the closet like little trophies. Everyone knows the type, and it can be daunting to say the least when it comes to trying to buy these type of girlfriends a Christmas pressie. So here is my guide to buying a gift for the Girl who has it all, did I mention all the items are available online and are under $100! Say What?!

Mary Katranzou for Rodial Candle $66.66 available from
Does your girlfriend burn Dipyque candles around the house making the lounge room look like a catholic church? Sounds like she is a candle snob, sorry but you are going to have to dabble in the candle stakes a little with this pressie. Mary Katranzou is a very on trend British designer who is known for her hypnotising bright mirrored prints teaming up with Rodial she has designed this very coveted candle. I have no idea what this smells like, but I want it! If she is like me this will be on her candle Christmas lust list because who can say no to an ultra cool fashion-beauty colab, not me!
Stella McCartney Marguerite Riding Set Soft Cup Bra $85.70 and Knickers $47.61 available from
Underwear is a tricky present to buy for a girlfriend, even if you have snooped in her underwear draw  checking what size she is, a 32C can change between brands so it's just best not to go there. My advice would be to buy a soft-cup bra which will allow for a margin of error in sizing. *WARNING* do not buy your girlfriend anything too sexy if she is a basic t-shirt bra and cotton undies type girl, she will be mortified and embarrassed. This Stella McCartney pink leopard print set is the perfect cute and slightly sexy set to give a girl who likes fashion or is crazy about leopard anything.
The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Hat Box $49.95 available from
In relationships past I have set a $50.00 present limit with my boyfriend so that it didn't get uncomfortable, especially if you are young or studying and on a tight budget. Gift sets are perfect in situations like these, fuss free and easy to find at any mall. My favourite this year is The Body Shop's Japanese Cherry Blossom Hat Box Set it is filled with a selection of products from the line and a handy exfoliating face towel, the box is oh so sweet and can be reused as a cute memento storage box.
Roses De Chloé EDT 30ml $80.00 available from
If you are going down the fragrance path of gift buying this Christmas my suggestion would be to smell your girlfriends other perfumes and pick something similar. If she is into light floral scents then Roses De Chloé is my pick, it's totally brand new so there is no way she could already have it in her collection. It comes in a classically beautiful bottle with a pretty pink bow, perfect for the girliest of girlfriends.
ASOS 3D Greeting Card  'I love you' $5.71 available from
Sometimes all you need to give is a card at Christmas but like every other woman on the planet I cannot stand stupid joke cards with lame and annoying jokes and cartoons on the front. If you want to give someone you love a card it doesn't have to be cheesy but it can be super cool like like 3D card from ASOS which will make any hard to buy for girlfriend's heart melt.
Jurlique Limited Edition Rose Body Oil 200ml $78.99 available from
Ohhhh la la! If your girl is into body products and you want to give her a slightly sexy gift that keeps on giving - if you know what I mean.... Jurlique's Limited Edition Rose Body Oil is a super sexy luxurious gift which will give you a million brownie points guaranteed. It can be used as a massage oil or as an ultra hydrating daily moisturiser, sinking into the skin leaving you with amazing soft dewy skin.

xxx Nella

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