Sunday, 20 October 2013

MANICURE Monday! Orly Nail Lacquer in 'Pixie Powder'

Orly Nail Lacquer in 'Pixie Powder' $18.95 available from

Orly polishes are one of my favourites, they are so easy to apply and always give a faultless finish no matter what the colour. I decided to go with 'Pixie Powder' from Orly's new Surreal collection, which is the prettiest fine glitter mix and looks like you have dipped your nails into fairy dust. From some angles it gives a translucent gold look to your nails and in direct light it is more of a moonstone pinky-purple. It is the type of polish I would have begged my mum for when I was little, shimmering pretty glittery pinks have always been my weakness and although I don't wear them often they make me so happy when I do.
What's the reason for such ritzy glittery flashy-trashy nails? Oh I am just going to a cocktail party for Jackie Collins at The Star tonight with Theresa from no big deal....UMMM YES IT IS A MAJOR DEAL!
If you don't know who Joan and Jackie Collins are, well you should get to googling because they are total icons. Hopefully I will able to wrangle a photo with Jackie which would be an incredible instagram WIN.

xxx Nella

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