Thursday, 17 October 2013

Friday Lipstick Jam! Nars 'Tzigane' Lipstick and Rimmel Apocalips 'Luna' + Lesley Gore's 'You Don't Own Me'

Rimmel Apocalips in 'Luna' $15.95 available from & Nars Lipstick in 'Tzigane' available from

Holy crap I am wearing a somewhat peachy-pinky-brown-nudish lipstick and not just one but two! Usually one to shy away from any kind of 'my lips but better' - god I hate that beauty blogging term - because they just wash me out and I look a bit Laura Palmer as is in completely dead and corpsey. But I have found a combo which seems to make me look ok, yes just ok, maybe even moderately sexy? 
Firstly I apply this very 90's brown Nars lipstick in 'Tzigane',  I think this colour maybe discontinued but the shade 'Morocco' is very similar if you are at all inclined to want something similar. It makes me feel like I am Phoebe in the first season of friends (this is not a good thing), when worn on its own but with Rimmel Apocalips in 'Luna' layered over the top it becomes a mesh of brownish-peach all over my lips.
The two shades are completely unwearable separately but together - Wowzers something beautiful happens! Has anyone else ever had this lipstick situation? Or am I just trying to justify my lipstick obsession?

Now for the Jam! Lesley Gore first released 'You don't own me' in 1963 and the powerful feminist message of the song is still just as relevant today. With Lena Dunham using it in a PSA for the 2012 Obama campaign highlighting the injustice that women would face with a republican government in the white house. As woman living in a country with an extremely conservative government in power I want to yell 'You don't own me' in the face of our Prime Minister who's views on women's rights are sickening.

Lesley Gore - 'You Don't Own Me' 1963

xxx Nella

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