Monday, 16 September 2013

Manicure Monday: Strange Beautiful 'Dickensian' & O.P.I 'The Living Daylights'

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Manicure Monday is officially back! I am going to stop being lazy with my nails and I am going to post every monday with something new.....I don't know what yet but there is going to be a Manicure Monday post every Monday from now on OK. (I have written that on the Internet so now I have to do it, because there are no lies on the Internet!)
I went to the most amazingly beautiful wedding last weekend, it was a celebration for my friends Jolyon and Mitch. Sadly and shamefully they cannot get married in this country, so married earlier in the year in New York. It was a lovely day and night catching up with old friends surrounded by flowers, tearful heartfelt speeches and the most out of this world cake from Hartsyard.
My dress was emerald green with black beading so I decided on a black base with gradient glitter for my nails. Applying the glitter from the base of the nail and gradating to the tip, I have been loving applying glitter this way as it chips less and is easier to remove. When choosing what to put on your nails for an event you should always choose a colour that pops from your outfit and your compliments your skin tone, if they blend in it looks washed out, boring and not as flattering.

The sunset over the harbour before the Groom and Groom arrived on a love boat!
xxx Nella

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